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Attending the media maker commons session in Burnaby SFU campus has been very inspiring. There are several sections including 3D-printing, 3D-scanning, laser cutting, video filming, video editing, VR session and audio editing. As an IAT major student, I already have experience with all these applications and machines, yet, I did not think of using different media on the blog.

Video filming and editing are definitely suitable for my travel and foodie blog. I can create videos that introduce my trip to Japan for the “Travel with Me” section, clips of my visit to Japanese restaurants for the “Eat with me” section or educational food history videos for my “Learn with Me” section. It creates more dynamicity to blog content, and also a more interactive experience for my audiences. Word contents are the good old ways of communicating, but reading is not interactive. Thus, creating video content can improve the overall experience and provide better visuals.

However, the biggest problem is that I do not have footages of my previous Japan trips. This removes the possibility for me to share my experiences in Japan with the audiences. Facing the problem of lack of resources, the only solution is to record new videos. Certainly, I will not be able to film in Japan due to geographical reasons, yet I can take a short foodie journey to Japan by visiting Japanese restaurants. Several Japanese chain store has oversea restaurants in Vancouver. It is a great opportunity for me to expand my blog beyond words and images.

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