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New logo brainstorm

Branding is essential in setting an identification and personality for a company, an individual or an online presence. As mentioned during the lecture, building a brand is more than just making a logo, but also font design, colours, any visual representation and the overall tone of contents, taglines and more.

The previous logo for the blog might reflect the blog’s theme of food, yet it is not clearly communicating the theme of Japanese food culture. Thus I brainstormed a new logo so it can represent the entire brand and identity. I started by drawing out pictures that relate to the blog, which includes a flag of Japan, an airplane that stands for travelling and a pair of chopsticks that represent eating or food. Then I start combining these elements and finally came up with the updated logo of a pair of chopsticks with a Japan flag attached to it. It is clear and simple, and very easy for audiences to understand the main theme of the blog which is the Japanese food culture.

The colours and font choice of the blog have not been changed since it fits the purpose of the blog. I chose a dark red and white as the theme colour palettes because of the Japanese flag. Light grey and black are used for the background colour of division blocks and text colour because these shades are not distracting and are highly legible. For font design, I use a lightweight sans-serif font that provides a minimalistic atmosphere to the blog, and a bold serif font for headings and title to create a distinct hierarchy.

The overall tone of the blog content and tagline is friendly, simple and relatable. I purposely explain all Japanese cuisines or terms from the perspective of users who are familiar with western culture, so to let my target audiences understand and related to the content more easily. Also, I use pronouns like “I”, “me” and “you”, to give a friendly and casual impression and communicate with my readers as if we are chatting instead of reading an academic essay. Photos are also another important aspect of my blog as it tells better than words and creates more dynamic. All photos are edited into higher exposure to make the images brighter and I also increase the warmth to make food pictures more appetizing.

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