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Lauren Cheal did a guest lecture on brand story, teaching us the importance of storytelling within a brand and the power of convincing audiences with an anecdote. For my blog Nihon Shoku, the brand story should describe how and why I found interest on the topic that I am blogging about. It should provide audiences with an understanding of why the brand exists, thus persuade them to follow the blog using a more personal approach.

I posted my brand story in the discussion section for this week’s participation, which I will quickly summarize here. The story behind the brand began with my interest in Japanese pop culture of anime and manga, and the beautifully illustrated food scenes in the episodes. I was deeply fascinated and sparked my inner desire to try all kinds of Japanese food. My first visit to Japan had convinced me to learn Japanese so I can understand the menu and table manner instructions provided by the restaurants. This blog is a place that gathers everything a Japanese foodie traveller, like me, would love to know or read about.

After composing the brand story, I found it helpful in establishing a stronger base for the blog. I am more confident in sharing and talking about the blog because now I understand the blog more. I once again realized how much time and effort I am willing to spend on this topic of Japanese food culture, and never getting tired of it. Another benefit of building up a brand story is mentioned in the video showed by Cheal, discussing how people are buying the “why” behind the product instead of “what” the product is. Writing a brand story for the blog is definitely the best reply towards the “why” and refraining myself from only focusing on the “what”. There are tones of food and travel bloggers on social media, which makes it really hard to stand out from the crowd. Yet, the brand story reminds me of how to make my blog distinct from the others. Nihon Shoku is not a food blog solely for pretty pictures and catchy phrases, but also all the researches and information behind each lovely dishes. It is not just another travel blog that features everything in any cities but it is made for foodie travellers going to Japan. It helped to guide and to reorganize my ideas and also reminds me of my initial thoughts.

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