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In this week’s guest lecture we looked into Google analytics and some certification courses on Google Academy. “Google Analytics for Beginners” is one of the course and as the title described, it is a Google Analytics course for beginner level audiences. As I learned more about this tool, I made some changes to make sure the data collected fits my needs.

I have been looking into data on Google Analytics to see if my imagined target audiences match with the actual audiences. However, clicks or visits generated by myself are also included, which makes it harder to predict and understand the actual market. Hence, I followed the suggested steps on the course “Google Analytics for Beginners”, and successfully eliminated my IP address by creating an “Exclude Me” view within the report. Although previously collected data cannot be reanalyzed, I will be able to get more precise information about my audience from now on.

After taking this beginner course, I also learned about the ownership hierarchy and controls on the panels. Within an “Account” created with a Gmail address, there will be “Properties and Apps” for each domain that the user wants to collect data from. Then under “Properties and Apps” users can create several “Views”, and in each “Views” we can filter our data, set a goal, perform content grouping and more. This function comes in very handy when users want to monitor information of different audiences groups for the same domain. Also, management authority can be given to other users, but depending on given permission, the ability to read, collaborate, manage users and edit will be different. Although it will not be applied to my current blog, it is very useful for a larger website that has several users that need to access the data.

The Google Analytics course also teaches students about the interface and defines each category. It helped me to understand the terms more, and get a better sense of the reasons behind certain performances of my blog. I also learned a lot about navigations on the Google Analytics page, and it definitely helped me to search for certain data smoother and faster.

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