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Peer Review Two

NCars ( is a personal blog composed by Neil Chowdhury. The overall design is clean and simple, which is very easy to navigate. Colour contrast is also great, with black and white as the basic palettes and yellow for highlights. However, there are some issues in other aspects of the blog.

First, there is no sign of any social media platforms being linked to this blog. As social platforms are playing a big role in any business in any field, it is a great idea to start a social media account. It will help to increase exposure and improve audience engagements.

Secondly, the topic of the blog is very confusing. Without looking into the landing page I quickly clicked into the “Blog” section of the website. There are 3 blog posts from 2019 are about photographs, which made me assumed the theme of the blog to be photography. There is even a photo event/exhibition page showcasing amazing landscape photographs. Yet, going back to the homepage the tag line wrote “all things electric” with a futuristic car photograph as the background. Scrolling down I got more information about NCars as a “one-stop location for all the new for electric cars”, not to mention the spelling error of “al” instead of “all”. Then, reading the “About Me” page, he describes himself as a “traveller, fashion blogger, and amateur photographer.” This again confuses me on whether the blog is about photography, electric cars or fashion. Finally, after reading into the blog posts and several other elements, I suspected that the blog posts and events are placeholders from the WordPress theme, and came to the conclusion that the topic of NCars might be electric cars. This raises a big issue of the blog which is the lack of updates and contents. Reading the first peer review did on this blog, I believe that the author of the blog had not worked on the posts or any updates to the contents. This is definitely the biggest challenge for the project as the website is currently 5 weeks behind the agenda. 

Overall, there are three major concerns about this website which, first, is to clear up all the placeholders and remove all unnecessary texts and images from the WordPress theme. This helps readers to understand the blog faster and get a better first impression. Second, spend more time on building the contents to help audiences identify the blog’s identity. Lastly, starting a social media platform can be beneficial to enhance publicity and promote the blog without paying a fee. 

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