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posiel | Process Post: Community Guideline

Blogs, social media platforms and numerous new article websites allow readers to post comments as an encouragement for interaction between readers and writers. However, this engagement between the two parties can sometimes turn into online violence. As the Guardian mentioned how female writers receive more blocked comments then males and the New Yorker wrote about how anonymity promoted hate comments, the comment section is a really sensitive part of a website. As a result, I decided to set up some community guidelines for the blog Nihon Shoku and hope we can all respect one another.

Community Guidelines

These guidelines are made to protect users of the blog from cyberbullying and verbal violence. It is not to control the use of comments, but solely to set up a base to avoid contradictory comments.

1) No racism, sexism and any kind of discrimination comments should be allowed.
As the administrator of this blog, I approve each comment one by one in order to filter out unsuitable comments. Any hate comments that hold a discriminative viewpoint will be removed.

2) Unrelated comments including advertisements and inappropriate content will be deleted.
Marketers are always creative and passionate about grabbing all the chance to promote their clients. However, I would like the blog to be focused on foods and cuisines without interruption from other unrelated materials. Hence, advertisement and inappropriate (including adult or hatred) content will be deleted.

3) Be respectful and be nice 🙂
Please respect other users of the blog and rethink before sending out a comment. Be empathetic and put a little more care into other people’s feelings.

4) Try not to waste any food!
As the Japanese have a phrase called “mottainai(ć‹żäœ“ăȘい)”, which means “what a waste”, please finish all the food if it is in good condition! Do not waste food! This does not only benefit the environment but also shows your respect for the food producers.

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