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posiel | Peer Review #2

small steps in a big world is a travel blog that concentrates on emotion and feelings, and one of the main focuses of the blog is photographs taken by the blogger Rain.

Scissors theme is the WordPress theme used in the blog, which is very minimalistic. The black, white and blue three-coloured palette, sharp edges rectangles and the use of outlines are the most noticeable elements of the UI design. These simple components accommodate the photographs nicely, reduce distraction and let the imagery stand out. It is an excellent collaboration between the design and contents, which is very important for cohesiveness and harmony.
Social media integration is well done with the placement of small icons below each post. By clicking the icons, it directs users to a share link of the listed platforms, which is very convenient. The blog owns its social media account on Twitter, which is listed as an item on the top navigation bar. The existence of the Twitter account may be more prominent to users by adding a section at the sidebar.

The typeface used in the blog is Lato, which a legible sans-serif font. Most of the font-weight is set as regular expect for bolded titles on the photo slider, which can be varied more since Lato comes in five different weights. It can improve the hierarchy and tell users precisely where to locate post titles, contents and more.
The affordance of the theme can also be developed by adding more feedback and prompts for users. It is not clear that images are clickable because there is no hint other than the smaller change of cursor arrow to a pointing finger when hovered. It is especially hard to notice when viewing on the phone since users cannot hover on items. Also, borders that are used to separate posts are almost invisible on the mobile view, makes it more difficult for distinct relationships between image and content.
Another issue with the current theme is responsiveness. It is straightforward and effortless to navigate around on a laptop-size screen, yet the usability of the mobile view can be confusing. Font-size of post titles shrink according to screen size to be responsive, but it also makes it harder to differentiate between headings, the author’s name and excerpts. The image slider at the top seems like a feature photo of the newest post because of little separation within images.

Overall, the theme is very stylish and incredibly matches the content. Only several tiny adjustments need to be done on the hierarchy to make it into a perfectly designed website.

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