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Eat | Sandaime Wakihiko

Sandaime Wakihiko is a Japanese grilled meat restaurant that I visited recently in Osaka, Japan. This restaurant uses Shichirin grill and charcoal fire, which is my favourite type of Yakiniku. This restaurant is very strict about cigarette and alcohol and does not allow the use of such products. The founder wishes to create an environment where customers will focus on the quality of the foods but nothing else.

Part I of the main course


When I stepped into the store, I felt like I have time travelled back to the Edo period where all staffs are dressed in kimonos. Before walking onto the tatami flooring, I took off my shoes as instructed, then headed towards the table with my name and the pre-ordered set menu written in ink on washi(和紙). After settling down, the waitress for my table came to us and introduced the overall process since I mentioned that it is my first time visiting the restaurant.


After a cup of cold oolong tea, our waitress served us a few side dishes including cabbage salad with sweet dark miso sauce and also kimchi. Then, the meat course was presented in a wooden box filled with colourful dishes and garnish in a cloud of cold smoke, it is the heaven for beef lovers.

Shichirin grill

Main Course

Common items on the main menu include beef, pork and a variety of vegetables. The most popular meat items include beef clods and pork tenderloin. Organs are also available in most restaurants and the most well-liked part is the intestine.

Sandaime Wakihiko focuses on beef and on the set menu I ordered have 8 different beef parts including beef tongues, beef intestine, beef diaphragm, beef brisket, beef sashimi, beef rump, beef arm chunk and beef top rump. Our waitress demonstrated and helped us grilled several pieces before we start cooking the meat ourselves. I ended up eating 3 bowls of rice and 2 cabbage salads with the course since there is unlimited refill on these items. Free stuff is always good stuff, right?

Part II of the main course


The meal was wrapped up with a Japanese style dessert, which is a piece of palm-sized crispy waffle filled with tofu flavoured ice cream and sweet black bean chunks. It is a perfect cooler from all the flames and smokiness. Mint candy was given when we pay the bill, just to make sure we have fresh and clean breath afterwards.

I will rate this as the best Yakinikuya out of all that I have visited. Sandaime Wakihiko provided me with a quality environment, exceptional food and service, and very satisfying and enjoyable experience overall. Every single detail from the tea to the presentation of each course and friendliness of all staffs are perfectly mannered. It is one of the best memory of my Japan trips.

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