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Travel | Tokyo: Weird Bars

Bars are always the best place to spend hours drinking and snacking with friends after a long day of work. In Tokyo, there are all kinds of bars ranging from classy places at the penthouse to cheap eats on a roadside and the most strangely themed bars. This article will introduce 3 weird bars that are way more interesting than you can imagine.

Hackers Bar

Hackers Bar

Hackers Bar, as the name has stated, is a bar for hackers. It is the perfect place to enjoy live coding, and networking with professionals in the field as all staffs are serious engineers, aka hackers. It might seem like the bar is only for hacking and coding, yet, all kinds of complicated engineering theories, highly complex techniques and intricate knowledge are welcome to be shared in the bar. A specialist will hold a daily theme base on different languages including PHP, Objective-C, JavaScript, HTML, Swift, CSS and more.


Vows Bar

VOWS BAR is a bar found by monks based on beliefs of Buddhism. It might sound very contradictory since monks are banned from drinking alcohol. However, Yoshinori Fujioka, the staff at the bar who is also a monk at Jodo Shinshu Honganji Temple, explains that they are practicing the chilled and relaxed atmosphere at a bar to help customer spill out their stress and issues. He mentioned that customers are more open to discuss and perform counselling after drinking. Alcohol is not the main focus, but the effect of alcohol. All monks at the bar are wishing to provide life coaching advice to each client and help them find out the best solution.

Sengoku Buyuden

Sengoku Byyuden (戦国武勇伝) is created based on the age of civil war. Japanese armour, weapons and images of historical figures can be found everywhere in the bar. Tables are named according to different historical events, and private rooms are named with a well-know Japanese warrior. All dishes and drinks are also named with war-related terms. This is absolutely one place for visitors who are interested in the Japanese wartime period.

Next time when you visit Japan, be sure to move beyond sushi, tempura and ramen, and spend some time in one of these amazingly interesting bars! And don’t forget to drink within your limit. Cheers!

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