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Dosanjin is a soba restaurant located in Kyoto, Japan, with branch stores in Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe and more. All soba noodles are freshly made in the restaurant, hand-cut by the chef. Buckwheat is collected from farmers directly, kept with the chaff on, and finally grated by the store when used. Each step is carefully taken care of, hoping to bring the best quality to customers.

Sudachi soba


Store interior

The interior of each Dosanjin restaurant is different but surrounds the theme of fusion Japanese and modern style. The Kyoto branch specifically uses wooden or stone made furniture, decorating with a few greens that harmonize with the surrounding of bamboos and trees. The peaceful atmosphere is very calming and relaxing.

Main Course

Shortly after we seated, menus are provided and one item caught my immediate attention, which is the Sudachi soba (すだち蕎麦). This is a summer-time limited soba noodle served cold with thin slices of Sudachi, a lime and lemon-like citrus fruit usually used for cooking. The placement of fruit slices on top of dark shade soy sauce and mirin soup base reminds me of big and round firework blooming on a summer night. After taking several pictures, I slurped a mouthful of soba noodles in. The coolness and the sweet-sour taste is everything I need to rescue myself from the heat. It removes dryness in the throat and cools down the whole body. This is the perfect soba noodle menu for summer.

There are no appetizers or dessert provided with the course since soba noodle is mainly consumed as a quick meal. After finishing our soba noodles, we paid our bills and continue our planned trip of the day.

This might not be the best soba noodle restaurant in Kyoto considering the cost, quality and quantity, yet, it is a nice restaurant to drop by after a long day of walk in the heat. Unfortunately, after my visit, the Kyoto branch closed down, but stores in other locations are still in business.

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