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Zauo Main Store is located in Fukuoka by the seaside right next to a beach. It is a chain restaurant that is famous for its in-house fishing facilities, where customers can catch their finny prey and feast on it right away. However, this branch chooses to take away the artificial water plant and show off a natural live sea view instead.

Main course


Zauo is a family-friendly restaurant that offers large portion dishes at a low cost. The common dining area is furnished with western style tables and chairs, while private dining rooms use tatami flooring and seating mats. The atmosphere is very cozy and casual, staffs are also very nice and considerate.


Salad plate

Before we start our dinner, the server offers us a seasonal promotion lucky draw. I was not fortunate enough to win any dishes, but just a 10% off coupon for the next visit. However, knowing that we are oversea customers who won’t have the chance to use the coupon, the staff gives us the chance to draw until we get something we can use for this visit. Hospitality is always adequate in Japan, but this branch has brought it up to the next level. Trying a few more draws, I finally won a salad plate shelled with a crispy pastry dome. It is not the grand prize but I am satisfied.

Main Course

Red Sea Bream sashimi

As a family of four, we ordered an urchin dinner set, a full-length red sea bream sashimi, an aburi sushi, a fish belly dinner set and 3 clam miso soups. The portion is just right and everyone is filled with gratification. The quality is not the finest comparing to high-class fancy dines, but it’s marked up for the price. Out of all six dishes, the clams miso soup stands out the most. The mountainous amount of clams are so fresh and clean that they do not hold a heavy sea salt or fishy taste. The juice from the clam meat diluted the saltiness of the miso soup with a sweet scent, made it a perfect combination.

Zauo Main Store is an absolute good choice for families and large gatherings. The casual ambience with great customer service gives customers a joyful experience. I will definitely visit this chain again and try out their in-house fishing in another branch.

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