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Umeyama Teppei Shokudo Main Store (梅山鉄平食堂 本店) is a fish cuisine store located in Fukuoka, close to the fish market Yanagibashi Rengo Market. Most of the fish that are used in the restaurant are supplied by Yanagibashi Rengo Market, and the restaurant serves different menus every day depending on the types of fish that came in.

Lunch sets


Store front

Umeyama Teppei Shokudou Main Store has a casual and comfy atmosphere that is very family-friendly. A lot of wood textures are used for the outer wall and interior of the store, creating a calming mood with warm earth tones. Furniture, tableware and the overall design is not the fanciest that you can find, yet, it is clean and cozy. A lot of office workers from the neighbourhood spend their lunch breaks here to get a refreshing and fulfilling meal. Staffs are very welcoming and always have the brightest smile on their face when serving us. The intimacy ambience makes feels almost like a family business, yet Umeyama Teppei Shokudou is actually a small chain that has 2 other branches.

Main Course

Lunch set

After a 10 minutes walk from the Yanagibashi Rengo Market, I and my family arrived at the restaurant. There was a short lineup but time passed by quickly while we were browsing through the comprehensive digital menu. Once we seated our waitress immediately approached us and place our order of 4 items including a fish of the day grilled lunch set, fish of the day stew lunch set, grill mackerel lunch set and a sashimi lunch set. Water and tea are self-served which can be obtained near the entrance of the store. All our dishes came pretty quicky just after a few sips of tea. The combination of each set was very well-designed, with a different side salad for different types of fish. I got a greater burdock carrot salad mix with sesame sauce, while other sets had either the seaweed salad or the konnyaku and taro soup salad. My sashimi set was very fresh and there was absolutely no fishy taste but only a sweet meaty scent. The thickness of each sashimi pieces was not overwhelming but still very satisfying. Not to mention the thick dark soy sauce that richened the overall taste of the whole meal. Rice can be refilled at no extra cost, but I decided to leave some space for other delicious foods that were waiting for me.

Umeyama Teppei Shokudou Main Store is surely a fish cuisine professional yet offering all the tastiness at a surprisingly economical price, attracting everyone from the area to drop-by for a convenient meal. It is a highly recommended choice for people visiting the area, especially those who prefer cooked fish rather than raw sashimi fish.

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