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Eat | Kane Hannosuke

Kane Hannosuke (金半之助) is a Japanese chain specialty restaurant known for its Tendon, which is tempura rice bowl. Beginning with its main store at Osaka, Kane Hannosuke has expanded to a global scale with oversea stores in the US and Canada. After long years of wishing, dreaming and praying, they finally opened a store in Vancouver, allowing me a chance to try out this amazing rice bowl without having to worry about flights and travelling costs. This week we will not travel to Japan, but just our taste bulbs.


Inside of the store

Their first Vancouver branch is located on Robson Street, right at the center of Vancouver downtown. The outside of the store does not stand out, but the floor stand signage with a picture of its signature rice bowl caught me immediate attention as I walk by. When entering the store we can see a wall of cherry blossom painting. It is very calming and matches the overall atmosphere. Beige wood furniture with light green cushioned chairs and the warm yellow gradient from the lights also made a very friendly and peaceful first impression.

Main Course


The menu fully showcases their dedication towards tempura, featuring only their 4 famous tempura rice bowls and several tempura sides. I and my food buddy both ordered the premium tempura rice bowl, which has a whole white eel, shrimp, mixed seafood tempura, soft boiled egg, seaweed, green bean and the best part is that all items are deep-fried in the fluffy but crunchy tempura batter. These freshly made tempura pieces are then topped with a splash of special house-made sauce, and finally, placed nicely on a bowl of steaming hot rice. The sauce helps to reduce the oiliness and gently softens the shell so it will not hurt our gums even after eating that many tempura pieces. Before start eating, our waitress also recommended us to follow the steps illustrated in the guidelines.

Guidelines to eat a tendon

This is undoubtedly a very filling and satisfying meal that I am sure everyone loves. Each and every single bite is so enjoyable, juicy yet crunchy. When paired with the sauce and a spoonful of white Japanese rice, it is better than anything you can imagine. However, despite the fact that this meal is extremely delicious, the calories and oil consumption also made me worry and slightly guilty. Great price and a good portion, tasty but cost me hours of workouts afterwards. But I did not regret it and might even work harder so I can come more often!

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